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Light Toned Hardwood Floors

Light Toned Hardwood Floors

Choosing the right color of flooring can be a tough decision. You have to consider your furniture, paint, lighting, etc. Hardwood colors come in a variety of options, from Red Oak to Java Strand Bamboo. Before deciding which color would be best for your aesthetic, you should look into what different ranges of color provide.

If you have decided on light colors, some options you might consider are Red Oak, Birch, Ash, and Maple; however, if you're looking into light hardwood stains, you should consider white-wash or light gray.

Here are their advantages:
1. They're easy to work with. Light colors work well with different aesthetic options.
2. They make spaces seem bigger, perfect for apartments.
3. Unlike dark hardwood, dirt and dust are not easily spotted.

Here are their disadvantages:
1. They wear out faster than dark hardwood in high traffic areas.
2. They aren't very trendy at the moment.

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Dark Tone Hardwood Floors

Dark Tone Hardwood Floors

Choosing the right color for your hardwood can be difficult; choosing between dark tone and light tones can be even more challenging sometimes. Before selecting a dark tone, here are some things you should consider:

The biggest issue with having dark hardwood floors is maintenance. Because of their color, scratches and dust can be easily spotted whereas, in light hardwoods, they’re not as easily seen. If you have pets or a busy home, opting for light hardwood would be the right choice. However, if you’re set on having dark wood, the best ways to clean it are hoovering, mopping, and dusting. You should hover it once a week and use a hardwood attachment to avoid scratches. When mopping, you should use a microfiber mop and a hardwood cleaner instead of water. Dusting is simple, and there are plenty of low-cost dusters out there.

It would help if you also avoided glossy finishes for darker hardwoods. The gloss will give the floor a more reflective look, which will only make dust and dirt more noticeable. Satin finishes are a more appropriate option for this type of color.

Another thing to note is that dark woods tend to make spaces look smaller, which is great for bigger areas but might not be so well for smaller spaces. To avoid this, you should consider painting your walls brighter colors and adding more lighting.

Regardless of higher maintenance, dark hardwood floors are a great option that’ll make your home much more stylish.

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Types of Moldings

Types of Moldings

Moldings are used to hide transitions between floors because of uneven heights, different types of flooring, and/or because of shifts from floors to stair or cabinets, they are also used as decoration, whatever the reason may be, there are several types of molding.

  • T-molding is used as a transition from one floor to another of equal height or to join Hardwood Floors between two rooms, like in entrances.

  • Flush stairway tip, this type of molding has a lower cut trim which is used in stair steps, stair rests, and raised floor perimeters to connect floors to give a uniform appearance.

  • The step overlap has a profile that rises over the flat surface of the floor.

  • One-quarter rounded molding, a curved molding, covers the expansion spaces where the floor meets the baseboards, cabinets, or stairs.

  • Reducer strip, this type of molding achieves a successful transition between different types of flooring, like between laminate or hardwood and carpet.

In addition to being decorative, they help beautify the project, by hiding unpleasant separations and protecting joints that happen because of expansion or contraction of the soil. With this subtle but ingenious decoration, they achieve an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

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Hardwood Refinish Services

Hardwood Refinish Services

For a better look for your hardwood floor, you can refinish it by sand and restain it, but first, you need to know whether it's Solid Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood. You may or may not be able to refinish this type of floor, depending on how thick its top layer is.

In this process we first sand the existing hardwood, this ensures it's clean and smooth, then we can restain it with the selected color and apply either one or two coats of the floor finish, these are things like oil and water based polyurethane to protect the wood from damage. After this, we recommend waiting 24 hours until moving furniture into the space.

This process is an easy way to bring life back to your hardwood floors with a new look that you desire. Evergreen Hardwood Floors has a variety of shades ranging from naturals to rich darks, perfect for all your needs.

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